Human Sacrifice and Its Representation, 2013
A pamphlet commissioned by the Philip Feldman Gallery at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

The Concerns of a Repentant Galtonian, 2012
A pamphlet on the misuse of biologically based analogies and rhetorics over the past century.

Mythic Weapons and State Propaganda, 2009
A pamphlet about how the US government uses weapon systems (real, exaggerated, or fantasized) to scare or calm the public. Commissioned by Printed Matter.

Artist Books, 1988-98
Precious objects designed to insinuate plagiarist texts into cultural institutions.

Useless Technology, 1994
Designed as a newspaper insert, this project was placed in Sunday papers in autodispensers in major cities around the US.

Electronic Civil Disobedience (ECD), Printed Matter, NYC, 1994
Following the Soviet model of free public access newspaper boards, CAE presented the ECD model in the window of Printed Matter (an independent outlet for artist books). Free pamphlets were also available in the shop.

Action is Addiction, 1992
A pointed attack on the addiction industry and its methods. The pamphlet was placed in hospitals and addition centers. Commissioned be Muranushi/Lederman Gallery for the Culture Bites exhibition.

The Therapeutic State, 1992
Designed in hard copy and virtual form, this work challenges the appalling lack of access to medical care in the US. The hard copy was placed in hospitals and clinics around the US.